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With my guidance I believe young children learn through having an open
environment to choose what they would like to do. I offer creative activities, time to
play, and books to read and to be read to them. I enjoy watching the children
pretend to read and engage in imaginative play. I love to have conversations with
children of all ages about what we are doing during our day. For example, our day
starts when we meet and greet each other at the beginning of day. It is usually
something like, “Good morning” or “Good afternoon, how are you?” After our
greeting, one child will usually tell me about the dreams he had the night before,
while the other child will describe and tell me about a new toy they may have gotten
that weekend. I like to have the children express to me what they would like to read
from the bookshelf. I enjoy observing them expressing their feelings and emotions
through different types of educational but entertaining projects. Showing their
feelings through reading, artwork, and conversation is very important. As the
children grow they need to practice exercises that teach them how to express their
feelings. They need to learn to appropriately express their feelings whether they are
happy, sad, hurt or angry. I feel that children need to appropriately express these
emotions in order to develop the social, emotional and educational skills that they
will use when they enter grade school. I believe children also like to learn through
physical play like exercising, walking, running, playing in the park, and dancing and
singing while listening to music.
As a childcare provider I believe my roles are to be a caregiver, a teacher, an
advocator and a protector. As a caregiver, I am very humanistic in that I nurture the
children at the level that is appropriate for each child. As a teacher, I supply a
variety of materials that are developmentally appropriate and engaging for each
child. As an advocator, I work with my children and their families to assist them in

establishing and maintaining a safe but loving environment to promote continual
developmental growth for the children. I try to provide a safe environment for all of
my children. I use appropriate safety tools around my center and other places we
may go, such as my car and other places in the community.
Beyond teaching and learning I feel that all children should be treated fairly
and loved for who they are regardless of their unique needs or physical limitations. I
feel that every child has a right to have an adequate and equal education. Early
childhood educators should feel that all children can learn. We should educate
ourselves in a variety of ways to teach them. I believe that all children should be
able to explore in many ways that make them comfortable in learning. I believe
working, as a team member for the children is extremely important. Working as a
team involves engagement with my children’s parents, fellow colleagues, and
professionals. Seeing how the children flourish and grow inspires me to engage in
more education to help them as they develop and mature.
“Kids will be kids”, and to be a kid they have to play, while playing they
sometimes get dirty, when they get dirty it means they are having fun, and when
they have fun I have done my JOB!

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